This will be my 5th Movement Mission trip!! I have been SO fortunate for the many opportunities to go and serve with my coworkers, it has been life-changing and enriching. Thailand has been a place that has been on my heart for years! My great aunt and uncle were missionaries there so I've heard many stories about the beautiful people & culture there. I remember hearing about the possibility that this trip might happen and immediately knowing that I wanted to go. I definitely feel a pull to go and I am expectant that God has big plans for our Movement team and the people we come in contact with while there. We are partnering with an organization called Remember Nhu, which provides a safe place for children that are at risk to be sold into sex slavery. This is such a heavy issue, but this org is doing great things to bring light and life back into such a dark place. I am looking forward to spending time with the kids there, hopefully bringing hope and reminding them how loved and seen they are. One of my favorite things about going on these trips is how close we all become to each other, there is a special knitting together of hearts that happens when you choose to sacrifice your time and energy to focus on one goal or mission. I know sometimes it's a little scary to think about traveling so far away from home, but it's so worth it. We are so lucky to be a part of a company that values service and actually provides us the chance to act it out!

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