Missions is something I have always wanted to do but, like many, fear the idea of traveling to the unknown and not knowing what to expect. Will I face illness, will there be political or economic strife, will I be able to raise the funds to go? These are fears that I've had to lay at the feet of Jesus and trust that God will provide through hard work and believing in him.

I specifically chose Uganda because I was touched by the love that comes from these youth-no matter the hardship of their situation-and their acceptance of the love from others. We may look at their lives as hard, but these children don't know that their lives are anything but happy and that is so touching to me. We look at our lives and often think that we cannot live without our air conditioning or phones or internet; but these are often the things that make our lives more complicated and block us from truly enjoying the little things.

This will be my very first missions trip and I'm praying that God will not only allow me to touch the lives of those I will be working with but for my life to be enriched and for me to be more appreciative of the blessings God has provided. To me, missions is about spreading the love of God to others, but it can also be such a blessing to those performing the mission work. By allowing God to use us in his will, we are finding a peace that no monetary object could ever fulfill. I ask for everyone's prayers and support in this wonderful opportunity that's been given to me.

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