Ready To Serve Again!

I am excited and anxious to go to Thailand! This is the furthest I have ever traveled. But I can’t wait to experience the Thai culture. This is my second mission trip with Movement. I went to Guatemala two years ago. What I loved about serving in Guatemala is that it allowed me to take the focus from myself and place it on others. It let me press the pause button and serve without the usual interruptions that life brings. And it stretched me out of my comfort zone. We built wood burning stoves for families that had been on a waiting list for years. I never thought that was something I would be able to do. But building a wood burning stove was easy! Usually, they cook over an open fire in their homes. This puts the children at risk to fall in the fire and the smoke causes health problems. I was forever changed by the joy these stoves brought the families. I was feeling restless to go on another mission trip. When I went on the website and saw there was one opening left for Thailand, I knew I had to sign up. I am looking forward to serving along-side the Remember Nu organization which works at preventing children from being sold into sex slavery. This work is so important. I want to use every opportunity to make these children feel valued and just be open to however God wants to use me.

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