Thailand: My Thoughts Prior to Departure

In a little less than a month, I will be going on not only my first missions trip, but I will be leaving the country for the first time. I've been very anxious and excited for this trip, as its been starting to set in that this is actually happening! I have always heard that whenever people leave the country for the first time and when people go on missions trips, that peoples perspectives on life changes and I have this strong feeling that will happen to me. I'm not entirely sure what to expect from this trip otherwise. I've never really thought that I would ever go to Thailand, its never been one of those countries that was on my bucket list to visit, but I remember hearing Kayte and Danae talking about how that was one of the countries that they were looking to make happen for a Movement Missions trip. Even when I heard it, I didn't even have a thought of going on a Mission's trip over there, that was until I read about the story of Remember Nhu. I felt the urge to sign up with no hesitation and no thought as to how I will pay for it, I just knew deep down that it would all work itself out.

I am looking forward to experiencing such a different culture and getting outside of the bubble that we live in, in America, and seeing how other countries operate. I am also looking forward to seeing the structure of how the group that we are working with (Remember Nhu) puts everything into action and accomplishes preventing children from human trafficking. Helping victims of human trafficking has really been something on my heart for the past several years and is the reason why I signed up for this missions trip, so I'm happy to see that coming into fruition and that I am taking the first steps in a new direction.

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