Anticipating Colombia

I am beyond excited about the upcoming missions trip to Colombia in February 2020. While it is difficult to have specific expectations at this time, there are a few general expectations I have going forward. First and foremost, I anticipate being genuinely moved by the people I meet on the mission field and gaining a new perspective of the world around me; including becoming more in tune with the needs of others and how I can help. I additionally expect to be challenged in many ways such as language barriers and lack of previous experience with the native customs, history, and politics; but, I am excited and motivated to learn. Through our work, I hope to make lasting connections by providing meaningful service with sustainable results. I also have high hopes for successful outreach by meeting individuals where they are personally as well as within their culture to provide support and hope within the local community by encouraging and promoting the word of God. My greatest fear is that I will not be as effective in my service as I hope, but, I plan to give it may all.

There are several reasons why I selected Colombia as my first trip with Movement Missions. First, I have an adopted son who is of Hispanic descent and want to continue to provide support and promote well-being within a larger context. I am a former social worker who has worked extensively with youth in therapeutic foster care and those seeking permanency through adoption and those aging out of the system. I believe in the powerful opportunity here for partnering with locals to encourage, inspire, and provide training for learning additional skills and increasing spirituality that can be reinforced within the larger community to support sustainability. I am most looking forward to developing relationships with those we serve as well as with those whom I will be serving alongside of. I am additionally looking forward to my own personal spiritual growth with lifelong impact trough service and connections with others. Overall, I am looking forward to exploring and enjoying unique cultural experiences by seeking opportunities to actively engage in the local culture. I highly anticipate the success of the impact our team can have while in Colombia and look forward to sharing success stories upon our return!

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