Hopes and Fears

I am beyond excited for this trip to Colombia. The idea of working with children in the foster care system has always been a dream of mine which is why I chose this particular Mission Trip. I am hoping to walk away from this with a better understanding of Colombia and their culture as well as a stronger deeper relationship with God. My biggest fear is leaving Colombia with sadness in my heart. The empathy I feel for others can sometimes be so overwhelming that my heart hurts. So I am sure that when I fall in love with Colombia and their children, leaving them will be hard. At the same time being able to show others the love of God thru acts of service makes my heart and soul so happy. I am going into this trip without any real expectations I am open minded jumping in feet first & letting this trip take me where it should. I know that God will move through me & guide me. I know from talking to Michelle that this trip is a wonderful opportunity to involve myself with Children in the foster care & governmental system that need hope and I know that I am going to be able to share that with them.

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