My first mission trip

In October 2017, I had the opportunity to partake in my first mission trip. It’s something I’ve always felt compelled to do ever since I got saved in 2011. Then life happens, and it seems like it was happening all at once. At times, I focused a lot on the responsibilities at hand, sometimes at the expense of time in God’s presence. My point with all of that is simple - life gets busy! That’s why when I heard that Movement Foundation was organizing “Vision” trips throughout 2017, I knew it was my time to commit and I applied without hesitation. A couple of weeks later, I was accepted for the trip to Brazil.

On the day we departed, I arrived at the airport nervous but full of excitement and anticipation. I was ready for God to stretch my faith, my attitude and my willingness to do whatever is asked although, I wasn’t exactly sure what that was going to look like. After roughly sixteen hours between airport time and in the air, we landed in Recife, BR where we met our host family. Right then, I knew it was going to be worth the experience by their welcome and presence.

We partnered with South America Mission, an organization that has been working to see the Church of Jesus Christ multiplied and transforming communities by embodying the Kingdom of God throughout five countries in South America. The Recife headquarters is located in a forgotten section of Dois Unidos on the outskirts. It serves as a haven for children and adults in the surrounding communities. They also provide community development by partnering with local churches to respond to their encountered needs as well as, offering music theory education and a football (aka soccer) ministry amongst many other resources. It was encouraging to see such an impactful movement pouring out into the next generation of kids and in doing so, improving the future of their families and communities in need.

Throughout the week, our group worked on the headquarters property. This included cleaning, painting and assisting with the re-cementing of their 9ft security wall around the premises. We also enjoyed delicious local cuisine, played football with children and connected with so many wonderful people that I will remember forever! This also included my Movement teammates; It was inspiring to bond with co-workers that work for the same company but from around the United States and hear their why behind what we were doing there!

I knew God would use me no matter where I went as long as I was willing to step out in faith but what I didn’t realize is, how much of an impact this experience would truly have on me. For me, this has been a very humbling and touching experience. I am forever grateful for the friendships I made and still today, keep in touch with. The country is rich in cuisine and culture, the people are beautiful and the need is plenty, so I can’t wait for an opportunity to return.

I would highly recommend a trip like this to anyone. Whether you’re a believer or not, there’s always something you can contribute. If you’ve been on the fence or putting to side a leap of faith like I was, I would strongly encourage you to act on it. It will be an experience like no other and with the support & assistance from Movement, this could be your time!

I also made a short video found here --> capturing some of our experience that paints a better picture then my words can describe!

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